First aid training in the workplace
community and schools

By making our courses interesting and fun, and promoting a 'Train for Life' mindset, our students are encouraged to take part in and become champions for first aid training within their organisation. We hope they will continue their learning over the years, and make first aid training an everyday part of their lives.

We provide first aid training in and around Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the Midlands (see map below).

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What our clients said

Very engaging instructor

5 March 2019


5 March 2019

Aileen was excellent! Brilliant course.

5 March 2019

The expertise of the instructor and guidance really helped my understanding and build confidence putting this into practice.

5 March 2019

Brilliant presenter & content

5 March 2019

Was friendly and informal, which is the best way to learn. Loved the stories in real life. Excellent, calm and reassuring.

15 January 2018

The course was excellent, as was Tricia’s delivery of the course.

26 January 2018

Trainer was very clear. Did not get distracted, but concentrated on the important stuff.

24 January 2018

Course leader adjusted to the group brilliantly and covered the key areas in a way that suited the group. Well delivered course. Thank you.

18 January 2018

Loved the practical scenarios.

16 October 2018

Enjoyed the practical elements and sharing of ideas. A good day. Thank you

3 October 2018

Enjoyed the practical sessions the most. If someone had collapsed in front of me last week I would just have walked on by. I now feel I have the confidence to at least attempt CPR and first aid in general.

3 October 2018

A really good balance of practical and verbal teaching. The humour really helped too! Thank you.

3 October 2018

The practical elements were very useful for me.

16 October 2018

Workplace First Aid Training

Workplace First Aid

Want to enjoy your first aid training course for the workplace and build your confidence? Our small group sizes and professional trainers will help do just that.


Community First Aid Training

Community First Aid

Looking for enjoyable, practical training which is useful within the community? Learn how to deal with a variety of emergency first aid situations.


School first aid training

School First Aid

For fun, engaging training for children of all ages, which teaches the importance of helping someone who is injured or unwell.


First Aid for Mental Health

First Aid for Mental Health

Our courses provide you with the knowledge & skills to effectively assess & manage work-related mental health issues in accordance with HSE guidelines.



We operate across the Cotswolds and beyond

First aid training in the Cotswolds

We provide our first aid training to businesses, communities & schools across the following areas:





The Midlands



If you would like to discuss your first aid training needs:

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