Community First Aid

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone. Defibrillation saves lives. The number of defibrillators located in many villages and busy public places is increasing; however there are many people who tell us they do not know how to use them, and would like to attend a training course to increase their confidence levels. In these situations time is of the essence in the ‘chain of survival’. Knowing how to set up and use an automated defibrillator prevents minutes lost during this chain of survival and can be instrumental in the survival rates.

Basic Life Support & Basic Life Support with safe use of AED

Knowing how to open an unconscious person's airway, and subsequently put them in the recovery position...saves lives!

Basic first aid taught in the community has proven invaluable. Our Basic Life Support (BLS) 3 hour course covers a variety of topics including the unconscious casualty, CPR & AED effective use, choking, convulsions, stroke, and anaphylaxis.

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Baby First Aid

Are you expecting the patter of tiny feet? Or have become new parents, or a grandparent looking to help care for the new arrival or existing grandchildren? Feeling nervous about what to do if baby or a small child presents with a first aid emergency? We deliver a 3 hour course on how to deal with the following:

Unconscious baby/child/adult; non breathing baby/child/adult; choking baby/child/adult; resuscitation & safe use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED); minor injuries; croup; febrile convulsions; poisons; asthma; meningitis & sepsis

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We operate across Oxfordshire and surrounding areas

We provide our first aid training to businesses, communities and schools across the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire:


If you would like to discuss your first aid training needs:

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First aid training in the Cotswolds

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