First Aid Training Courses

We offer a large range of first aid training courses. See below for further information and prices.

Workplace First Aid

Dealing with first aid emergencies can be a daunting prospect for an untrained employee, but after attending a Fat Panda First Aid Training course they will feel more confident in handling these situations. We offer a training environment tailored to suit your business requirements, whether on-site or off-site, using the latest equipment.

Our workplace training courses (*FAW, EFAW, PFAW, EPFAW), are designed to combine first aid theory with numerous practical skill sessions. We aim to make our courses fun & enjoyable, and in smaller groups, allowing for more individual training as required.

We use all the latest quality training equipment. Our resuscitation manikins are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the trainer to check for correct depth & compression rates along with adequate lung expansion during the practical CPR sessions. The students can also monitor themselves, reviewing overall performance on our large monitor in a group debriefing session. 

*FAW - First Aid at Work (3 day course)

*EFAW - Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day course)

*PFAW - Paediatric First Aid at Work (2 day course)

*EPAW - Emergency Paediatric First Aid at Work (1 day course)

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Community First Aid

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone. Defibrillation saves lives. The number of defibrillators located in many villages and busy public places is increasing; however there are many people who tell us they do not know how to use them, and would like to attend a training course to increase their confidence levels. In these situations time is of the essence in the ‘chain of survival’. Knowing how to set up and use an automated defribrilator prevents minutes lost during this chain of survival and can be instrumental in the survival rates. 

Knowing how to open an unconscious persons airway, and subsequently put them in the recovery position...saves lives!

Basic first aid taught in the community has proven invaluable. Our Basic Life Support (BLS) 3 hour course covers a variety of topics including the unconscious casualty, CPR & AED effective use, choking, convulsions, stroke, and anaphylaxis.

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School First Aid - ‘Mini Medics’

You're never too young to learn, and our Mini-Medics course is aimed at teaching children basic first aid, and what they need to do in an emergency. Recent BBC reporting has shown children as young as 6 yrs old have saved lives!

The fun & interactive program is kept at a basic level, avoiding confusing terminology.

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First Aid for Mental Health

Mental Health events in the workplace are on the increase, due to many factors. New figures published by the HSE for 2017/2018 show that days lost at work due to mental health issues are on the rise. They also believe these numbers are much greater, due to under reporting from employees not wanting to declare  they suffer from a mental health illness. Greater understanding of mental health illnesses, and knowing what a business can do to support their employees is pivotal in helping remove the stigma attached to someone with a mental health issue. Employees need to feel safe, secure, supported and valued in the workplace, regardless of a mental health diagnosis or not. 

Effective training for managers of all levels within your organisation, will help them understand their responsibilities and plan reasonable adjustments at work, required to fully support all employees. Implementing this training will enhance your business status, making it a reponsible attractive employer and promote your reputation.

We deliver the following courses:

  • Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health in the workplace (Level 1 Award)
  • First Aid for Mental Health in the workplace (Level 2 Award)
  • Supervising First Aid for Mental Health in the workplace, recommended for all managers (Level 3 Award) 


A range of subjects are covered including:

  • What is First Aid for Mental Health?
  • Legislation
  • Responsibilities of the mental health first aider
  • Mental health conditions/illnesses - an understanding of topics eg stress, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders, drugs & alcohol abuse etc
  • First Aid for an immediate Mental Health crisis at work
  • Provision of ‘safe places’ in the workplace
  • Signposting for help

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Baby First Aid 

Are you expecting the patter of tiny feet? Or have become new parents, or a grandparent looking to help care for the new arrival or existing grandchildren? Feeling nervous about what to do if baby or a small child presents with a first aid emergency? We deliver a 3 hour course on how to deal with the following:

Unconscious baby/child/adult; non breathing baby/child/adult; choking baby/child/adult; resuscitation & safe use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED); minor injuries; croup; febrile convulsions; poisons; asthma; meningitis & sepsis

Organise a local group, get in touch and we will find a local venue close to you...we are completely flexible on dates, times and location. We believe small groups of up to 10 trainees, with 2 instructors, is important for effective learning; providing individual attention during practical sessions, and making it more fun and enjoyable. Call us now and get prepared for life with children.


Prices (Per Person)

First Aid in the Workplace (Level 3 award)  3 days     £250   
First Aid in the Workplace (Re-qualification / Level 3 award)  2 days  £170
First Aid in the Workplace (Annual Refresher / Level 3 award)  1 day  £95
Emergency First Aid in the Workplace (Level 3 award)  1 day  £95
Paediatric First Aid (Level 3 award)  2 days  £120
Emergency Paediatric First Aid (Level 3 award)  1 day  £95
First Aid Risk Assessment  1 day  £60
AED & CPR (Level 2 award)  4 hrs  £70
Oxygen Therapy (Level 3 award)  4 hrs  £70
Anaphylaxis Management (Level 3 award)  4 hrs  £70
Baby First Aid  3 hrs  £30
Basic Life Support  3 hrs  £45
Mini - Medics  3 hrs  £20
Adult Mental Health First Aid (Level 3 award)  2 days  £250
Adult Mental Health First Aid (Level 2 award)  1 day  £130
Adult Mental Health First Aid (Level 1 award)  1/2 day  £75

- Prices include certificates (Level 2 courses and above) & course booklets

- Reductions available for on-site training

- Group Discounts available


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